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Xinhua: Internet War Has Threats beyond Virtual Reality

Xinhua recently published an article by a teacher of National Defense University on internet war. The article pointed out that, following the United States, France, Germany, Japan, India and South Korea all strengthened their research and established internet war theories as well as development plans. The author believed that internet war by itself created a new and independent warfare. The strategic war competition of Information Age is primarily internet war. The analysis of the form of internet war in the article is solely aiming the US, with all the data and discussions around US military infrastructure and activities. The author concluded that the development of internet war is determined by 3 factors: (1) militarization of the internet; (2) militarization of physical infrastructure network; (3) wireless interconnectivity. The military threats brought forward by internet war are beyond cyberspace.

Source: Xinhua, June 17, 2010