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Global Times: 96% of Netizens Back Sanction Policy against the U.S.

A survey shows that 96% of Chinese Internet users (among 12,661 survey participants) support punitive sanctions against the U.S. in response to the Obama administration’s Taiwan arms sale decision, according to the official newspaper Global Times.

One netizen commented that an effective use of sanctions is necessary as “protests and condemnation” are not enough to deter the U.S. Another said, “If (the Chinese government) doesn’t take real sanctions, the U.S. will not have its economic interests hurt and its inveterate disease cured.” Quite a few suggested to punish U.S. companies that have a large China market, such as Boeing and Otis.

Lu Minghua, a Nanjing University scholar, said in an interview that China should learn from the U.S., which quite often “waves the stick of sanctions” in Sino-U.S. trade.

Source: Global Times, February 5, 2010