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Global Times: The “Employment Boom” in the West Hides Trouble

Global Times recently published a commentary on the obvious improvements made in reducing unemployment in the West. The article suggested that, although the industrialized countries in the West, especial the United States, enjoyed a so-called “full employment” in the past couple of years, yet many potential issues are moving towards crisis. The commentary says the major tax cut may have boosted the economy but that force is weakening, especially when the budget deficit continues to grow. In the meantime, the labor participation rate remains flat or even worse in the West. Trade friction on the global level also poses a threat to economic growth. The Brexit uncertainty is a good example of the factors that may slow down global growth, which will, in turn, slow down employment. The author concluded that it is much harder to sustain an employment boom in countries like the United States. How long the current state can last is highly questionable.

Source: Global Times, July 6, 2019