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CRN: New Cold War between China and the U.S. at Sea

China Review News (CRN) published a review of an analysis on the recent frequent naval exercises that the U.S., South Korea, and China have been conducting. The author expressed the belief that the U.S. has an obvious intent to contain the Chinese military within the “first chain of islands.” China has tried to respond to the situation with a series of escalated exercises to demonstrate its capabilities to break the blockade. The analysis cited “the West,” using the name of “A Cold War at Sea.” The U.S. was blamed as the troublemaker, since the U.S. has significantly heightened its participation in military activities around China, especially on the east and south sides. However, at the end of the analysis, the author softened his tone by suggesting that a “serious confrontation” was very unlikely.

Source: China Review News, August 28, 2010