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RFA: CCP Encourages Party Members to Invest in the Stock Market

Amid the stagnant, weak stock market, the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) recently issued an order to encourage party members to invest in the stock market.

Radio Free Asia (RFA) reported that, in the past, Beijing had discouraged people working in the government from buying stock. On June 24, however, Beijing asked them to invest in the stock market. The CCP Central Committee for Disciplinary Investigation’s (CCDI’s) website claimed, “The stock market is a main component of China’s socialist market economic system. For the staff members of the party and the government to invest their legally-obtained property in the stock market will support our country’s development. Party cadres can legally invest in legitimate stock transactions.”

People commented that this indicates that the CCP is desperate to inject money into China’s stock market and at this time they are looking at party members’ money. Some also pointed out that this gives the party members a money laundering opportunity so they can cleanse their illegal money.

Source: RFA, June 25, 2019