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Changing the Public Image of the Chinese Military — Show a Soft Side

The Chinese military should improve its image in the international community "to attract and convince a global audience [of its peaceful intent]," says a Study Times article. The key is to adopt a soft approach when disseminating information about the military. 

The suggestions are: 1) Focus on civilian readers and progress from readable” to “pleasantly readable,” rather than preaching. 2) The content should include soft peripheral stories appealing to the public, along with hard, main messages, so as not to trigger resistance. 3) Narrate stories gently and charmingly – be up close and personal when explaining military actions. Through the soft approach, “the pleasant image will gently sneak into the mind of the audience. It is beneficial to narrow the communication gap, bring the audience into the military’s fold, and help them understand the real intent behind the communications."

Source: Study Times, September 6, 2010