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Taiwan Student under Investigation for Remarks Praising Japan and Supporting Taiwan Independence

Taiwan United Daily News reported on July 12 that Wuhan University recently launched an investigation of an exchange student from Taiwan for his “Taiwan Independence” remarks. Wuhan University said that it will weigh in on the investigation results and decide on its final decision. Ke Quanyao, who recently graduated from National Taiwan Normal University with a Master’s degree from the Physical Education program was accepted at Wuhan University as an exchange student. However a Weibo posting addressed to the university on July 11 claimed that Wuhan University has “recruited a student who worships the ‘Japanese Spirit’ and favors ‘Taiwan Independence.’” The posting also contained the offer letter Wuhan University issued to Ke Quanyao along with screen shots of articles posted on Ke’s Facebook page. The posting also claimed that Ke Quanyao does not agree with the “1992 Consensus” . . . and that he believes that Japan is his motherland and he hopes that Japan will unify Taiwan. It further stated that Ke is not suitable to be an exchange student in the mainland and that “I hope your school will consider it carefully.” In the statement Wuhan University issued, it wrote that Wuhan University is directly affiliated with the Ministry of Education and, according to the statement, “We welcome all Taiwan compatriots, overseas Chinese and overseas Chinese who support the one-China principle to study and exchange with Wuhan University”

China Times reported on the same day that Ke Quanyao had decided not to pursue his studies at Wuhan University as an exchange student. Ke told the Central News Agency that there is nothing he could do if people from the mainland broke the firewall to visit his Facebook page and take screen shots of his comments which were meant to be seen only by his Facebook “friends.”

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