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UDN: Vietnam Attacks “Country of Origin Wash”

United Daily News (UDN), one of the primary Taiwanese news groups, recently reported that there has been an increasing number of incidents in which the labels of Chinese products are replaced with “Made in Vietnam” labels. These incidents are getting more and more attention. The Vietnamese government has ordered its various ministries to keep a close eye on these activities of “country of origin wash.” The ministries were also asked to come up with plans to prevent and to strike against these illegal cases. The U.S. Customs already reported last month on the discovery of shipments of Chinese products through a number of different countries with an “origin wash.” U.S. President Trump already hinted recently that Vietnam could be the next target to be sanctioned after China. The Vietnamese government was deeply troubled by these “wash” activities and announced its intent to treat it as a priority on inspecting Chinese imports. The government also aimed to stop smuggling activities from China. Some detailed action plans have already been deployed.

Source: UDN, July 26, 2019