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Mainland Netizens Reported Young Chinese Scholar for Joining Parade in Hong Kong

Chen Chun, a scholar from Sun Yat-sen University in Guangzhou, recently circulated pictures of himself on social media participating in a parade in Hong Kong. Chinese netizens reported Chen and protested. Chen introduced himself as a Ph.D. in ethics and a columnist, born in 1985.

The incident began on July 14, when some Chinese netizens found that Chen’s WeChat account showed photos of him wearing masks at Tai Wai MTR station, as part of the “black silence” parade that seven labor unions of the Hong Kong press industry had initiated.

After the incident went viral in cyberspace, some netizens posted comments on Chen’s Weibo account, a twitter like Chinese microblogging account, criticizing him and calling him a member of the “Hong Kong independence” movement. Although Chen has closed the comment function on his Weibo account, some mainland Chinese continued to slam him. One post said, “(We) may not be able to handle foreigners, but are you daring us to teach you a lesson?”

Chen Chun has not offered any response.

Source: Central News Agency, August 6, 2019