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Chinese Students in Australia Harass Hong Kong Anti-extradition Law Protesters

Australia has recently become a battlefield over the extension of the Anti-Extradition Law protest in Hong Kong. In a number of reported cases Chinese Students have harassed those protesting the extradition law. In Monash University, a small democratic rally was held on August 6. A live video showed a man yelling at the students and pushing people who tried to get involved. Students said that those Chinese nationalists posted the home address of the pro-Hong Kong protesters on Wechat. They also discussed submitting a list of mainland people who support the Hong Kong protests to the Chinese authorities in the mainland. At Queensland University in Brisbane, a group of students held a new demonstration to support relatives and friends in their hometowns. Drew Pavlou, a student who supported the campus demonstration, was warned, asking him to “be careful.” He also received a newsletter claiming to know his whereabouts and threatening to “kill his family.” Similar harassment cases were also reported at the University of Auckland in New Zealand.

Source: Central News Agency, August 10, 2019