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Survey Shows Most of the Hong Kong Protesters Are Young and Well Educated

The Chinese University of Hong Kong, Lingnan University, the Hang Seng University of Hong Kong, and Hong Kong Baptist University conducted a study called the “Onsite Survey Findings in Hong Kong’s Anti-Extradition Bill Protests.” The study was published on August 12.

Researchers from the four universities surveyed participants who had been in 12 demonstrations between June 9 and August 4 and found that 54 percent were men and 46 percent were women. These demonstrations included large-scale gatherings, as well as “fluid” and “static” demonstrations. Overall, 77 percent of the 6,688 respondents indicated that they had received a higher level of education and 21 percent had received a secondary education (that is, a high school education). Among the protesters, the proportion of people between 20 and 29 years old was as high as 49 percent, compared to 19 percent who were between 30 and 39. Only 11 percent were under 20 years of age and 16 percent were 40 and above. Half of those who responded (that is, 50 percent) considered themselves to be middle class, while 41 percent considered themselves to be “grassroots commoners.”

When asked why they participated in the demonstration, 87 percent said that they demanded that the Hong Kong SAR government withdraw the Extradition Bill amendments; 95 percent were dissatisfied with the way the police handled the protests, and 92 percent asked for the establishment of an independent investigation committee (to investigate the police and other actions).

Source: Central News Agency, August 14, 2019