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PLA Daily: Simulation Training Should Be Standardized

A recent PLA Daily called for standardization in the Chinese army’s simulation training. The article said, “At present, … simulation training is widely used. However, the traditional simulation training system was ‘separated apart,’ and lacked inter-system coordination. While ‘stand-alone training’ is manageable, a joint and integrated exercise is an ‘impossible task.’ Without a unified standard, communications and responsive operations cannot happen at the inter-human, inter-weapon, and inter-system level. The army’s simulation trainings can be performed only by using a single machine, or by organizing a joint simulation training in a very limited scope. It is very difficult to move to higher levels. To break this bottleneck, the best way is to standardize the system.” The standardization refers to a definition of unified standards, whereby personnel, weaponry, and training units are modularized and able be connect, communicate, and react to each other. The article also mentions the historic development of U.S. military simulation trainings.

Source: PLA Daily, June 2, 2011