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Top Military Officials Re-Stress Party’s Control of the Army

Xu Caihou, a Politburo member and vice chairman of Central Military Committee (CMC), recently toured the military institutions in China’s southeast provinces of Jiangsu and Anhui. Navy Commander Wu Shenli and Air Force Commander Xu Qiliang accompanied him. In his speech, Xu stressed that all military institutions must follow the Party’s strategic ideas and intensify their ideological work. Xu emphasized that “the quality of political thought is the core and soul of one’s personal quality. … [One] must firmly solidify the political foundation of holding the [Communist] banner, listening to the Party, and fulfilling [one’s] responsibility. … [One] must strictly follow the political discipline, … enhance Internet control, and prevent the spread of wrong political views.” [1] 

Separately, during his recent visit to Yunnan Province, Guo Boxiong, also a Politburo member and the CMC’s vice chairman, stressed that the military must always uphold the Party’s absolute leadership. [2]

Sources: PLA Daily, June 23, 2011