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People’s Daily: Why Did China Establish an Online Blue Army?

An article in People’s Daily’s overseas edition defends China’s development of an online blue army. The article said, “With today’s rapid development of information technology, we need to effectively defend our country’s network information security. To achieve that goal, an excellent online blue army is required.” 

Li Li, an expert from China’s PLA National Defense University, said that it is absolutely necessary to establish an online blue army. Compared to Western country’s online armies, China’s online blue army is still in its infancy. 
Teng Jianqun, a scholar at the China Institute of International Affairs, said, “Just like it previously established the military or the air force, it is inevitable for China to establish an online blue army. The reason is very simple. Since we are living in an information society, [we] must adapt to a new war in such an environment. China’s online blue army has an extremely important strategic significance, be it from the national level or the warfare level, or be it for economic development or social stability.

Source: People’s Daily, June 27, 2011