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China’s Former Central Banker Suggested Renminbi Globalization to Solve World Market Problem

On August 10, 2019, at a 40 person forum on China’s financial system, Zhou Xiaochuan, the former Chairman of China’s People’s Bank, stated that trade protectionism, the development of modern technology, and currency-based economic sanctions have caused significant twists in the global market system.

Zhou pointed out that the first global market twist came from trade conflicts between countries. A trade war can last a long time and cause obvious twists in the distribution of global resources.

The second one is due to the development of technology. Some IT companies pursue a “winner takes all” or “winner takes the biggest share” result. They therefore burn a tremendous amount of money to claim that market share and increase traffic. Zhou suggested fair competition as the solution.

The third one is that the U.S., due to its control of the U.S. dollar, uses currency as its means to impose economic sanctions. Zhou argued that the globalization of the Renminbi will solve this problem.

Source: Sina, August 11, 2019