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People’s Daily Weibo Account Quoted CY Leung’s Article on Hong Kong

Xiakedao, the Weibo account of People’s Daily, republished an article by Leung Chun-ying (CY Leung), who the Chinese Communist Party hand-picked as the Chief Executive of Hong Kong from 2012 to 2017. Leung argued that Beijing can use many forces, either regular or unconventional, to put down the Hong Kong movement.

CY Leung made the following points:

1. We need to have the right strategic judgment. The movement is no longer a peaceful demonstration. It is using violence and other illegal means to paralyze the society and create a regime change in Hong Kong. It will then make Hong Kong independent of China and the “subversion base” to replicate violence in mainland China.

2. We need to have the right strategic positioning. However the situation in Hong Kong is, nothing can change the fact that Hong Kong is part of China; nor can it change that China possesses tremendous political, foreign diplomatic, military, and economic power in the world.

3. We need to have strategic confidence. The Hong Kong government, pro-China politicians, and the business community must have confidence in the Central government and the Hong Kong government. They should not worry and surrender.

4. We need to have a comprehensive strategic plan. The Hong Kong government and the Central government have a whole set of political, administrative, fiscal, legal, and military tools, including many forces that they can use but have not yet used.

When it is necessary, besides the forces in Hong Kong, the Central government also has many more powerful forces outside. We should mobilize every regular and unconventional force inside and outside of Hong Kong and plan well the short, mid-term, and long term actions.

5. The Chinese idiom goes, “During a confrontation in a narrow passage, whoever is the bravest will win out.”

Source: Sina, September 01, 2019