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International Herald Leader: The Aircraft Carrier Is Not an Exhibit

On August 5, 2011, the International Herald Leader, a newspaper under Xinhua, published an article titled “The Aircraft Carrier Is Not an Exhibit.” China’s first aircraft carrier, the former “Varyag” of Ukraine, is now being rebuilt and refurbished. According to the article, China’s dream is not about an aircraft carrier, but about the oceans. Having an aircraft carrier gives China the option of restoring its marine rights, expanding its maritime interests, and fulfilling the dream of its revival as an oceanic power. The article states,“It is impossible to have an aircraft carrier, a weapon, merely for display and show, but not target anyone.” “An aircraft carrier is a military ship by its very nature. Without the courage and will to use the ship to resolve a dispute, the ship cannot threaten anybody but the builder of the ship, as it consumes a lot of public money.”
The article concludes, “If all the countries that the aircraft carrier targets believe that China’s aircraft carrier is only for visiting or worshiping, it is not good news for world peace. We should not let them think so.” 

Source: International Herald Leader, August 10, 2011