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Huawei Founder: Harmony OS Won’t Work on Phones Anytime Soon

Major Taiwanese newspaper China Times recently reported that Huawei founder Ren Zhengfei made a comment not long ago on Huawei’s much hyped operating system called Harmony OS. Ren stated, in a BBC interview on September 6, that “it’s unclear” how Huawei’s natively developed operating system Harmony can be migrated to phones. It may need a few years of research and development. Under the U.S. sanction, Huawei runs the risk of losing the capability of using Google’s Android operating system for phones. According to Ren, Huawei’s Harmony OS was designed for low-latency Internet of Things (IoT) types of use cases, such as watches and TVs. His position is different from what Huawei Consumer Business CEO Yu Chengdong said on a number of occasions in the past several months. However, Ren criticized the United States, saying that Huawei cannot be blamed for the failure that the U.S. has suffered in leading the communications industry. He said, “The U.S. took the wrong path on communications technology.”

Source: China Times, September 7, 2019