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China’s Urgent Political Task: Pork Production

On September 6, Hu Chunhua, China’s Vice Premier of the State Council, said during his trip to northeast Heilongjiang province that ensuring the supply of pork is one of the most urgent tasks of the current agricultural work. Hu mandated that all production areas accomplish the task of ensuring a stable production and supply “one hundred percent,” and that they clean up improper practices in raising pigs.

In the past six months, after the outbreak of African swine fever in China, the retail price of pork soared. This led to a rise in the price of food and other livelihood products. At present, it is a “significant major political task” to restore pig production and stabilize pork prices.

Heilongjiang province is one of China’s main pig production areas. Hu Chunhua was inspecting pig slaughtering and processing companies and breeding bases in Mudanjiang city on September 6. Hu was there to learn about the main problems facing pig production, the demands from farmers and firms, and the impact of the African swine fever epidemic.

Source: Central News Agency, September 7, 2019