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Epoch Times: CCP Applies Five Measures to Control Hong Kong

Hong Kong Legislative Council Member Eddie Chu recently attended a forum in Taiwan called “What Happened to Hong Kong and What can Taiwan Do?” He said that the CCP used five methods to suppress Hong Kong’s anti-extradition movement and reminded people that, in the future, these measures may also be used to control Taiwan. He called on the Taiwanese people to come together to fight against the CCP, to support Hong Kong, and to defend Taiwan’s freedom and democracy. Chu appeared at the forum together with Joshua Wong, secretary-general of pro-democracy party Demosistō and Lester Shum, former deputy secretary-general of the Hong Kong Federation of Students. Freddy Lim, a Taiwan politician, also participated in the forum.

When asked about why the Taiwanese people need to pay attention to Hong Kong’s anti-extradition law movement, Zhu pointed out that Taiwan is facing the same type of attack from the mainland as Hong Kong is. He summarized the measures that the mainland uses to control Hong Kong, including the Hong Kong police exercising violence, the use high-tech surveillance technology, the application of pressure on business owners to control their employees, the employment of gang violence and the dissemination of fake news. Chu continued that the mainland deploys these five measures overseas. “If everyone thinks that the world should move toward freedom and democracy, we must regard the Hong Kong anti-extradition movement as a battle against the Chinese Communist Party. If more Taiwanese people stand up, it will definitely put more pressure on the CCP. They will re-adjust their strategy toward Hong Kong. It is not only helpful to the situation in Hong Kong. It is also an action that the Taiwanese people can take to defend democracy and freedom and prevent this terrorist rule from taking root in Taiwan.” Chu said that as long as Hong Kong is not a democratic government and does not have free elections, laws similar to the extradition law will continue to come out.

Source: Epoch Times, September 9, 2019