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IHL: China Should Build its Own Pacific Fleet

A special commentary in the International Herald Leader stated that to become a strong power in the Pacific, China should build its own Pacific Fleet. The article acknowledged that, compared to U.S. activities in the Pacific, China’s naval military exercises are too few and far between. “The objective of the U.S. and Japan is obvious; it is to contain and oppress China and to ensure the dominance of the U.S. and Japan in the Western Pacific region.”

The commentary stated, “The Pacific is not someone’s ‘private swimming pool.’” “Mutual respect, cooperation, and mutual benefit” can only occur when we have a strong Chinese navy. “On condition of anonymity a military expert pointed out that China should build its own Pacific Fleet, and that only then can China become a true power in the ocean and its navy be a true ‘blue water force.’”

Source: International Herald Leader reprinted by Xinhua, December 5, 2011;