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The Epoch Times: As the Third National Parade Rehearsal Takes Place, Beijing Seems to Be in a Security War

As the National Day Parade is getting closer, a number of regions in China have tightened up their security surveillance. This is especially so for Beijing. Cai Qi, the Beijing Municipal Party Committee Secretary, spoke at the Beijing Security Work conference on August 31 and said that the security work in Beijing must be “excellent and perfect, with no loses.”

On September 21 and 22, Beijing held the third National Day Parade practice rehearsal. The authorities blocked the road near Chang An street and shut down the No.5 subway that passes through Chang An street. In addition, starting from the end of August, fruit and kitchen knives were removed from the shelves and petitioners in Beijing were arrested. The authorities imposed strict control over the personnel entering Beijing to ensure that “they are clean.” Hospitals in Beijing were notified that they could only release patients and could not admit patients. They also could not operate if there were non-emergency surgeries. One resident shared a notice he received from the building management office. The notice read as follows: Per the notification from the police, the gas supplies to this residential building will be temporarily shut off from 8 pm on September 30 until the celebration activities are concluded. Residents who live on 8th floor and above and who have a street view of Chang An street must put reflective stickers on their windows. Residents must gather on the ground floor at 8 am on October 1 and are not allowed to return back home until the activities are concluded. For seniors who lack mobility, the police will come to their homes to assist them.

Source: The Epoch Times, September 19, 2019