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PLA Undergoing Restructuring û Four New Departments Established

Legal Evening News reported that, within a period of one month, the People’s Liberation Army established four new departments. According to the military experts that Legal Evening News interviewed, the move is indicative of further military reform and transformation. On November 22, the PLA established the Strategic Planning Department; on December 12, it established the Research Center for Non-war Military Operations under the Academy of Military Sciences; on December 20, the Research Center for National Policy under the Academy of Military Sciences; and on December 21, the Military Training Department under the PLA’s General Staff Department.

With respect to the two above-mentioned research centers that are under the Academy of Military Sciences, the one on Non-war Military Operations will provide decision-making advisories to the Party’s military leaders, engage in fundamental research on non-war military operations, and establish the related theoretical system. The one for National Policy will participate in the draft of national white papers and prepare annual strategic assessments of the national security environment.

In July 2011, the largest military academy reform in recent years took place when 27 military institutes were consolidated into 14.

Source: Legal Evening News reprinted by Xinhua, December 23, 2011