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We do not fight a battle unprepared

On January 10, 2012, China Review News reprinted an article from Xinhua about China’s military preparedness. The article includes commentaries from Luo Yuan, the Vice Secretary-General of the China Military Science Research Association and from Ted Carpenter, a senior fellow at the Cato Institute in the United States.

Luo Yuan believes that the purpose of the U.S. returning to the Asia-Pacific area is to curb and contain China’s rise. He said that China must learn how to “dance with the wolf,” and while in the process of modernizing China’s defenses, be cooperative and defensive at the same time. “We do not fight a battle unprepared, an uncertain battle, or a battle not worthwhile. If we fight a battle, we will hurt you badly and beat you down convincingly.” Ted Carpenter believes that China’s military modernization is logical; but he suggested that China not release any irritating statements so as to avoid unfavorable responses from the U.S.

Source: China Review News, January 10, 2012