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China’s Major General: Absolutely Not Afraid of War

The International Herald Leader under Xinhua News interviewed Major General Luo Yuan, who is also Deputy Secretary-General of the Chinese Military Science Research Society, which is part of the Academy of Military Sciences of the People’s Liberation Army. In the interview, Luo declared that China is absolutely not afraid of war. “Some neighboring countries are still occupying and eroding our territory, our territorial waters and islands, and interfering with the peaceful rise of China. … China’s military loves peace but is absolutely not afraid of war. … When good will is misunderstood to be cowardice, [we] should take action as appropriate and dare to use and be good at using the sword. Otherwise, if the ‘tiger’ does not make a move, it will be taken as a ‘sick cat. … We do not wage a war when we are not prepared or not sure we will win or it does not pay to fight the war. When we fight, we will hurt you and overcome you.”  

Source: International Herald Leader, January 9, 2012