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Aboluowang: China’s Internet Users Say Invention to Break VPN Technology is “Inhuman”

Many internet users in China use VPN (Virtual private network) to break the fire wall in order to access the websites overseas. Three teachers and students from the Beijing Institute of Technology invented the latest method of making it more difficult for people to use VPN in China. According to an article from Aboluowang, three teacher and students from the Beijing Institute of Technology recently invented a technology which uses online memory to detect and follow VPN identity. In March of 2019, the team filed a patent application. However, Internet users in China widely criticized their actions calling it an “inhuman and immoral invention.” Some online experts who saw the patent application also noticed that it didn’t detail the core technology. They speculated that there was a possibility that the application was submitted to deceive people in order to swindle them out of some research funds. Some Internet users are also optimistic and believe that even if the patent turns out to be useful, there will be a corresponding technology to break it.

Source: Aboluowang, October 6, 2019