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RFI: Introduction of Face Mask Law in Hong Kong Is Just like Opening Pandora’s Box

Radio France Internationale published an article on the Hong Kong government’s latest ban on face masks. According to the article, on the first day that Hong Kong government announced the ban on face masks, it met with protests from a large number of people who wear face masks at various locations. Many in Hong Kong accused the Hong Kong authorities’ latest decision in banning face masks to be “adding fuel to the fire.” People are concerned about how the authorities will respond and how the incidents will develop. There are also critics who say that Beijing is intensifying conflicts. On Friday and Saturday, there were protesters in Hong Kong everywhere. On Saturday protesters were wearing masks and participating in spontaneous unauthorized demonstrations. Despite the closure of the subway and the bus, the demonstrators managed to break the mask ban and once again showed the world the power of the how people can mobilize themselves. Some analysts believe that the Hong Kong government’s introduction of the law to ban face masks is just like opening Pandora’s Box. They expect the end result to be that it will only cause that social divide in Hong Kong to get worse.

Source: Radio France Internationale, October 5, 2019