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Student Informs on Professor in China for Online Speech

Sun Wuhu, a professor at the School of Philosophy and Religion at Minzu University of China (MUC), recently published some comments on a WeChat group. The comments were considered to be “politically incorrect.” One of Sun’s students reported him and the incident caused heated discussions.

Screenshots taken from the WeChat conversation on Friday October 4 showed that a student asked Professor Sun, “Why are you so interested in politics?” The student then reminded him. “Don’t give inappropriate comments at inappropriate places.” The student also asked Sun to “take the lead to spread positive energy and don’t bring troubles to the group owner and the group.” Although Sun promised that he would take the warning, the group administrator and a student named Lei Zhenyu reported Professor Sun and removed him from the WeChat group. Sun also got his account suspended for one day.

The incident triggered heated discussions, as this was not the first case of students informing on teachers for their political comments.

Zhao Shilin, a retired professor at MUC and also a sponsor for a scholarship, said in a statement on Monday September 7 that there was a vicious incident in which a student reprimanded and attacked his professor. “For a long time, some students have conducted political defamation and informed on teachers.” “This is the biggest shame and the biggest failure of education.” Zhao also advised against awarding his scholarship to students who ratted on their teacher.

Source: Radio Free Asia, October 8, 2019