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China News: Central Military Commission Forms Audit Leadership Team

China News recently reported that the Chinese Central Military Commission approved the establishment of the Army Audit Leadership Team, which is set to improve the Army’s administrative system. The Chief of the Army Audit Leadership Team is Liao Xilong, who also heads the Army’s General Logistics Department. Liao gave a speech at the first meeting of the Leadership Team. He emphasized that the decision [to form the team] was made directly by Central Military Commission Chairman Hu Jintao, who is also the president of the nation. The primary mission of the Leadership Team is to improve the order of the “military’s economy” and to attack corruption in the armed forces. In his speech, Liao described his near term action plan to focus on military construction work, real estate management, large scale procurement, and medical cooperation. Chief commanders, construction project managers, and high ranking administrative officers are the key people falling within the scope of the audit. Liao also made clear the requirement that the Party system would play the leading role in this mission.

Source: China News, April 6, 2012