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PLA Daily Editorial: Strictly Observe and Maintain the Party’s Discipline

On April 10, 2012, the People’s Liberation Army’s General Political Department and the PLA’s Academy of Military Sciences jointly published an editorial in the PLA Daily. The editorial called for heightened vigilance in following the Communist Party’s orders. “The standard of conduct that Party organizations at all levels and all Party members must abide by is the discipline of the Party. It is essential to the unity of will and action within the whole Party. As the military forces of the ruling party implement the political tasks of the Party, we [the People’s Liberation Army] must be highly conscious of observing and maintaining Party discipline.” The editorial urged the upper leadership to lead by example with respect to following the Party’s orders.

The editorial appears to be part of a series of State media articles to ensure the military’s allegiance to the Party’s leadership.

Source: People’s Liberation Army Daily reprinted on the Communist Party website, April 10, 2012