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PLA: Incomplete Loyalty is Disloyalty

The People’s Liberation Army Daily recently published a commentary entitled “Communists’ Loyalty Cannot Be Incomplete.” It warns that Communist Party members must be on guard against “incomplete loyalty.” The commentary states, “The so-called ‘incompletel loyalty’ is the state between loyalty and disloyalty. For instance, a person may look loyal, but at the critical moment, be wavering; loyal when things are in line with his own preferences but complaining when his desires are not met; asking others to be loyal but treating himself differently; pledging loyalty at meetings but doing things his own way after the meetings; loyal when supervised but unable to discipline himself when alone. Instances like these are totally inconsistent with the requirements of loyalty to the Party.”

The commentary further pointed out that Communist Party members or cadres who are in the state of incomplete loyalty are doomed to be defeated. “In this sense, ‘incomplete loyalty’ is disloyalty.”

Source: People’s Liberation Army Daily reprinted at the Communist Party of China Website, April 26, 2012