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Prague Decided to Terminate Sister City Relationship with Beijing

Objecting to the Chinese Communist Party’s “One China” condition in its  sister city agreement, the government of Prague decided to terminate the sister city relationship with Beijing.

The two cities signed the sister city agreement when Xi Jinping visited the Czech Republic in 2016. The third article of the agreement stated that Prague promised to respect the “one China” policy and acknowledged that “Taiwan is an inseparable territory of China.”

Prague is also the sister city of Taipei.

Prague wanted to annul this “one China” article and contacted Beijing multiple times this year in an attempt to do so, but Beijing never provided any response. Therefore, the city of Prague opted to terminate the relationship.

Beijing did criticize the Prague governor’s trip to Taiwan made last March. Also, early this year, China cancelled the tours to China of four Czech performance troupes, including the Prague Philharmonic, the Pražák Quartet, the Prague Radio Symphony Orchestra, and the Guarneri Trio of Prague.

Source: Oriental Daily, October 7, 2019