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Chinese Foreign Affairs Ministry: CNN Asked a Questionable Question about the 39 Deaths in Britain

Well-known Chinese news site Sina recently reported that Hua Chunying, spokeswoman for the Chinese Ministry of Foreign Affairs, commented in a press conference on a question that CNN asked regarding the recent 39 deaths discovered in a container truck in Britain. The question CNN asked was, “When China just declared major achievements at its 70th anniversary, why are people still fleeing China for the West?” Hua pointed out that the motive for this question itself was very questionable. She said the victims have not yet identified as Chinese citizens and it is a big tragedy regardless which country these people are from. She also said that the Chinese people have never ever had the level of happiness that they have today and from a global angle, the country with serious illegal immigration issues is not China.

Source: Sina, October 25, 2019