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Aboluowang: Buddhist Monks Required to Participate in National Day Patriotic Ceremony

Aboluowang reported that, on October 1, China’s National Day, Buddhist temples were required to put on patriotic performances while monks and nuns had to participate in the ceremony to pledge allegiance to the communist party. A video posted on the Internet showed that, on October 1, inside Guansheng Temple located in the Town of Liangbei in Yuzhou city of Henan Province, a group of monks led by the master along with the officials from the local religious and Buddhist Association, participated in the patriotic ritual ceremony. Holding the national flag in hand, the group of monks shouted patriotic slogans and sang patriotic songs to praise the “party” and the “motherland.” In another video, 16 nuns performed a dance accompanied by a patriotic song to “show their loyalty to the party and the patriotic spirit to the country.” In an official document that the “National and Religious Affairs Bureau” of Lushan City, Jiangxi Province, issued on September 5, the religious community was told that, during the national day celebration, that they need to organize a series of activities in a number of different forms, using their own personal experiences, to reinforce religious personnel’s “love for the party and the country” while firmly demonstrating their strong belief that they are “in consensus with the party.”

Source: Aboluowang, November 4, 2019