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A Chinese Dissident Founded an Anti-CCP Federation

Epoch Times held an interview of a Chinese political dissident, Mr. Wang Zhongyi (whose original name was Wang Rui). Mr. Wang founded a non-governmental organization called the World Youth Freedom Federation (世界青年自由联盟), with the goal of overthrowing the Chinese Communist Party (CCP).

Mr. Wang applied for political asylum in Taiwan when he visited there in 2014. He came to the U.S. in 2018 and registered the federation in April 2019. The organization has over 60 members.

Mr. Wang found that nobody, either inside or outside mainland China truly likes the CCP, but most of them are afraid of the party. “If you want to take on the CCP, the CCP will take you on. It can kill you even if you are outside China.”

To him, this is a twisted situation. It should be that the CCP in the U.S. itself feels scared. How is it that the anti-CCP people have the fear? To change the CCP, Mr. Wang called for the young to join his organization, which does not appeal to or recommend anything to the CCP. Instead it just wants to “overthrow the CCP.”

The organization has two major tasks: “Assistance” and “Protection.”

Many Chinese political dissidents face difficulties when they come to the U.S. as they don’t understand the U.S. system. The federation integrates the resources from its members to provide assistance to the newcomers in a number of areas including job search, school, immigration status, apartment rental, transportation, and even obtaining a driver’s license.

This will enable people to feel the benefits and warmth of the U.S. system. “Only then will they know to pass the warmth on to others and will they have time and energy to promote universal values.”

On the protection side, Mr. Wang thinks that the CCP’s propaganda has misled many dissidents, making them think that the CCP is very powerful. His organization will protect those anti-CCP people. Many young members of the federation have a license as an armed guard, so people don’t have to fear the CCP spies’ threats.

“Being anti-CCP is the responsibility (of our generation). Let’s not pass down the suffering to the next generation.”

Mr. Wang was grateful for the U.S.’ saving many Chinese, but he understood that the U.S. cannot bring all Chinese over. His responsibility is to make China the same as the U.S. He feels that more and more young Chinese who escaped to the U.S. share the same view. He wants his federation to become the key resource to stop the CCP’s overseas expansion and gradually contain the CCP’s influence within China; in the end he and his coworkers will go to China to fulfill their mission.

“We only want to overthrow the CCP. Then we will dissolve our organization.” Mr. Wang does not care who becomes the President after the CCP, because there can never be any regime worse than the CCP. The federation is to build up the power of the people but not to make the choice for the people.

Source: Epoch Times, October 1, 2019