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Military Expert Discusses the Successful Landings on China’s Aircraft Carrier

On November 27, 2012, in a guest session on People Daily‘s "Empower the Nation Forum," military expert Li Jie exchanged comments with Chinese netizens online. The topic was "China’s aircraft carrier’s first successful carrier landings.” Li Jie touted the significance of the successful delivery of the aircraft carrier and its carrier aircraft to the military, as well as the successful landings on the aircraft carrier. Li said that it had the same strategic significance as the success of "two bombs and one satellite" (the atomic bomb, the hydrogen bomb, and a man-made satellite). 

Li also said that “the success of landing on and taking off from the aircraft carrier … not only greatly improved the overall strength of the armed forces, but also enhanced the overall strength of our country. It has actually increased the maritime awareness of all of the Chinese people.” 

Source: People’s Daily, November 27, 2012