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Chinese Military Expert Calls for Immediately Establishing a National Coast Guard

Luo Yuan, Rear Admiral from the Chinese Academy of Military Science and Secretary-General of the China Strategic Culture Promotion Association, published an article in Xinhua in which he called for the establishment of a National Coast Guard that would counter the actions of countries that are in conflict with China in the East and South China Seas. 

Luo dismissed the idea that peaceful enforcement of Maritime law in the exclusive economic zone could occur simply by following the United Nations Convention on the Law of the Sea. He asked, “Will the United States and other autocratic countries be able to comply with this principle? The United States hasn’t even signed the United Nations Convention on the Law of the Sea, so how can it be a ‘nice girl’ [follow this principle]?" 
“Currently, our Maritime law enforcement forces are too scattered and thin. … Why not establish a National Coast Guard that would form a quasi-military force? This would not only provide greater leeway and actionable space for our diplomatic and military struggle, but it would also allow us to gradually take the controlling position in protecting our Maritime rights and in our law enforcement actions.” 
“Using our peaceful law enforcement to deal with the opponent’s armed law enforcement would not bring peace. The ‘asymmetric’ confrontation of our fishery boats and ocean surveillance ships against our opponents’ paramilitary forces would inevitably harbor a potential crisis. Therefore, the formation of a National Coast Guard is an urgent matter that requires immediate attention.” 
Source: Xinhua, December 14, 2012