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Global Times Chief Editor: China’s Armed Police and the PLA Can Support Hong Kong Police Any Time

On November 11th, Hu Xinjin, the Editor-in-chief of Global Times posted on his Weibo that he “absolutely supports the Hong Kong policeman in shooting down the mob that besieged him” and claimed that China’s armed police and the People’s Liberation Army can enter Hong Kong anytime to reinforce the Hong Kong police.

He called Hong Kong protesters “mobs,” and he described that incident as follows: “The policeman faced several thugs; he faced the threat of his gun being stolen and the threat of being beaten. He apparently warned the black masked mob that intended to steal his gun that they should not approach him, but they ignored his warning. The police officer fired back at these thugs on the scene and sent a clear signal to other mobs in Hong Kong. Their besieging the police would bear certain legal risks including being killed on the spot.”

Hu said that some Hong Kong and Western media focused on the policeman’s shooting and played down the mob’s crimes and how this type of report is disgusting.

He also said that he “wants to tell the police in Hong Kong not to be afraid of anything but to defend the rule of law in Hong Kong resolutely and in accordance with the law. You are fighting on the front line, but you are not alone. Behind you, there are not only the broad masses of Hong Kong people and the people of the whole country who love Hong Kong, but also the armed police forces of the country and the PLA troops stationed in Hong Kong. When necessary, they can enter Hong Kong any minute to directly reinforce you in accordance with the provisions of the Basic Law. The mob can’t turn the sky upside down, nor can the Western forces. Hong Kong’s sky and earth do not belong to them.”

Source: Weibo, November 11, 2019