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For Spreading Propaganda for the CCP’s United Front, Swedish Christian Democrats Expel Chinese Councilor

According to recent reports from the Swedish television station (SVT) and radio station Serige Radio, the Central Committee of the Christian Democrats (KD), a Christian-democratic political party in Sweden, decided to strip the party membership of a Swedish Chinese city councilor on the grounds that this person had generated propaganda to expand the influence of the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) in Sweden. Lydia Liu (Chinese name Liu Fang) was a KD member and a city councilor of Nacka in east central Sweden. The Swedish media reported that internal investigations showed that Ms. Liu’s attempt to expand the influence of the CCP was carried out in a way that harmed the reputation of the Christian Democrats.

In August this year, the “Konflikt” section of Swedish Radio reported that the Ms. Liu was implementing the CCP’s United Front strategy so as to exert influence on the political parties in Sweden, prompting them to turn toward the pro-communist position. That councilor had contacts with the staff of the United Front Work Department, a CCP organization dedicated to increasing the CCP’s influence around the world. The program also revealed that she held important positions in a number of CCP related organizations and actively promoted the CCP’s “Belt and Road” project in Sweden.

Secretary General of the Christian Democrats Peter Kullgren said, “According to our party constitution, we can dismiss members who have damaged or may damage our party’s image or reputation. Based on this clause, we made a decision to expel Ms. Liu.”

Source: Epoch Times, November 13, 2019