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Malaysia Chinese Newspaper Follows Directives from the CCP

The Central News Agency of Taiwan reported that See Hua Daily News, the largest Chinese language newspaper in Eastern Malaysia, was receiving directives from the Chinese Communist Party (CCP).

An internal directive from the See Hua Daily News stated that, per a request from the Chinese Consulate in Malaysia, because Taiwan and Hong Kong are China’s territories, news reports and their titles from now on should avoid listing “China, Hong Kong, and Taiwan” in parallel. If these three regions need to be mentioned together, it should be written as “China (including Taiwan and Hong Kong).” The directive was signed by the newspaper’s Editor-in-Chief, Chia Chew Boon.

People criticized the CCP’s interference in Malaysia’s internal affairs.

A high-ranking person from one of See Hua’s sister media companies confirmed that the directive was true, but said the owner didn’t know about it. After it was reported, the owner ordered a withdrawal from the directive.

That person also revealed that the Chinese consulate staff members frequently have meals with the top managers of the Chinese language newspaper in Malaysia and continuously express what direction and position the CCP wants that media to hold. Especially after the Hong Kong protest, the CCP wants Malaysian reports to be close to the CCP’s position.

Source: Central News Agency, November 17, 2019