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A Canadian CSSA Lost Its Student Club Status for Reporting to Chinese Consulate

The Chinese Student & Scholar Association (CSSA) of McMaster University in Ontario, Canada was decertified and its club status was removed because it was monitoring college activities and sending information to the Chinese government.

On February 11, 2019, the university held a forum to support the Uyghurs in Xinjiang. The CSSA, along with another four student associations, called that meeting an “anti-China lecture” and reported it to China’s Consulate in Toronto, CA.

Deutsche Welle obtained the Chinese students’ communication from WeChat, including their reporting to the Chinese Consulate and passing down the Consulate’s direction.

The WeChat records showed some students sent the forum’s video to China’s Consulate, some students went to the forum to create a disturbance, and some posted and sent a threatening request in order to find out the name of the son of the speaker at the forum.

The Chinese Consulate responded by asking Chinese students at McMaster University to report the case to their CSSA.

The student representative assembly at the university decertified the CSSA in September for a full calendar year, during which it will be denied club privileges such as being able to book a room and access to student union funding.

None of four other student associations that signed the February statement has faced disciplinary action. One of them testified in writing that it had signed the statement at the invitation of the CSSA’s then-president.

The CSSA filed an appeal. The university’s student union government rejected the appeal on November 3. It also passed a motion to oppose the CCP or the CSSA for trying to “directly or indirectly intervene in college political activities.”

Source: Epoch Times, November 5, 2019