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DW Chinese: Deutsche Telekom Will Discontinue Using Huawei Equipment

Deutsche Welle Chinese Edition recently reported that Deutsche Telekom’s management decided to discontinue the use of Huawei products. The Huawei parts used in its current core networks will all be replaced. In fact, the company came up with a two-year plan to reduce the use of all Asian parts to zero. Meanwhile, some parts made in the United States will be replaced too. Deutsche Telekom claims that this is part of a normal three to five years refresh cycle. Also, as a response to the U.S. ban on Huawei products, Deutsche Telekom dramatically adjusted its procurement policies. For example, the company will directly purchase U.S. database supplier Oracle’s products and stop buying Huawei’s total solution. The company emphasized that the policy changes were not designed to bypass the U.S. ban because the parts will not be re-sold to Huawei. The company explained that, since U.S. companies can no longer sell products to Huawei to be bundled in Huawei’s total solution, Deutsche Telekom will purchase directly from these U.S. vendors. The company hopes these adjustments will ensure the supply channels remain smooth.

Source: DW Chinese, November 20, 2019