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Xinhua: New Missiles Deployed Aiming at U.S. Targets

Xinhua recently reported that the Chinese military deployed “a small number" of the latest Dongfeng-21D missiles. The Dongfeng-21D is a land-based long range missile with mobile launch capabilities. The new missile is considered the world’s first anti-ship ballistic missile (ASBM) that aims at some U.S. Pacific military airports. However, the lack of field tests is a primary problem for the new system. Many analysts expressed doubts about whether the Dongfeng-21D can truly attack moving targets at sea. The report suggested that a land-based defense strategy may be more effective than that of arming a full-size ocean-going navy. The author also expressed the belief that the United States should maintain its superior under-water capabilities as a strategic balance.
Xinhua, March 8, 2013
Yahoo Military News, March 9, 2013