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Military Scholar: Expand Military Power to Maintain Energy Safety

Zhao Jingfang, a Professor with the National Defense University PLA, wrote an article on the issue of the challenge of energy safety that China currently faces. China relies heavily on energy imports while it is seriously lacking in effective measures to control energy safety overseas. The article listed the following three areas in which the Chinese military can play a key role in protecting energy safety: 1) The PLA can increase military capacity which can effectively stop the outside world from posing a threat to China’s energy safety. 2) The PLA can increase exchanges with other countries: actively participate in UN peace keeping efforts; increase military cooperation with developing countries; organize forums and technology exchange conferences on topics of energy safety with neighboring countries; perform military exercises in key passageways; and increase the presence of China’s naval vessels. 3) China’s combined political, economic, military, and cultural power can be used to maintain active control of the overall situation.

Source: China Review News, March 24, 2013