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Senior PLA Official: Promoting Military Reform with Chinese Characteristics

Liu Yazhou, the political commissar of the National Defense University of the People’s Liberation Army, published an article in the recent issue of Qiushi about promoting and deepening military reform with Chinese characteristics.

Liu wrote that the PLA faces two “incompatibles.” First, the existing level of modernization is incompatible with the requirement to win local informationization wars. Second, military capabilities are incompatible with fulfilling our historic mission in the new century. “The only way to solve these two "incompatibles" is through a vigorous and deep reform. Otherwise, we will once again be eliminated by the tide of military development.”

Such military reform must be included in the framework of national reform so that “the military reform will synchronize with political and economic reforms and reforms in other fields and will be in harmony with social reforms. On the other hand, it is essential for the military reform and for overall national development that, during the historic stage of overall changes in society, military reform does not exceed what social reform can tolerate.”

Source: Qiushi reprinted at, July 1, 2013