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Apple Daily: Maoming Protesters Won Their Fight against the CCP

Apple Daily reported that citizens in Maoming City, Guangdong Province forced the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) leader to yield to their demand in four days.

The Huazhou City government, which is under the management of Maoming City, Guangdong Province, triggered the event when the Huazhou government started a land purchase program in Wenlou Town in Huazhou, claiming to build an ecological park. However, it didn’t disclose its real purpose, which was to build a funeral house and a crematorium there.

After its secret agenda was exposed, the residents of Wenlou Town held a fierce protest. Protesters planned to go to the government office on November 28, but a large group of riot police blocked the road. Clashes exploded between the police and protesters. The protesters cut trees to make road blocks to prevent the addition of police reinforcement. They then surrounded the riot police, threw bricks at them, and overturned a police car. Many residents held sticks and even forced the police to retreat to a hill.

The police kept firing tear gas and water cannons. Many protesters were injured, including old people and children.

The standoff inside the city last two days, during which the authorities arrested 200 people. The standoff outside the city continued, with many people holding banners and shouting slogans.

The government softened its position on December 1. Li Weihua, the CCP Party Secretary of Wenlou Town, promised the protesters that the ecological park and funeral house will never be built in Wenlow. In the afternoon, the arrested citizens came back in two buses, though some were said to be on bail awaiting trial.

Source: Apple Daily, December 1, 2019