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Trump’s Twitter Response after Impeachment Was Widely Reported in China

Beijing News quickly reported that, after the U.S. House of Representatives passed the articles of impeachment against Donald Trump, the U.S. President posted a picture to respond. He tweeted as soon as he completed his speech at a Michigan rally with a picture in which he pointed out to his supporters that, “In reality they’re not after me. They are after you. I’m just in the way.” Trump indicated in the Michigan speech that the impeachment was “illegal, unconstitutional, and partisan.” He called his supporters to “drive Pelosi out of office.” The Republicans have been accusing the Democrats of attempting to overturn the Trump administration because they could not accept the 2016 presidential election result. However, the Democrats said they were just defending the Constitution. {Editor’s comment: The Trump pictorial twitter response was widely reported and republished in Chinese official media, including in Beijing News, Beijing Daily, Global Times, iFeng,, Tencent News, Sohu, Sina, and others.}

Source: Beijing News, December 19, 2019