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Global Times: Putin Commented on Trump’s Impeachment

Global Times reported quickly after the U.S. House of Representatives passed the impeachment articles against Trump, saying that Russian President Vladimir Putin’s comments were published only one day after the result was out. Putin classified the impeachment as just part of a political fight. He mentioned that the Democrats failed to prove there was Russian collusion and they now were banking on the Ukraine excuse. To him, this was merely the continuation of the resistance delivered by the losers. Putin predicted that the Senate Republicans are very unlikely to remove a Republican president with such a weak excuse. In the meantime, President Trump said at a Michigan rally that the impeachment doesn’t feel real because the nation is in its best shape in history and he did nothing wrong. The White House official announcement also stated that the impeachment was a sham and that it was one of the most shameful political events in U.S. history. Global Times explained that the U.S. Senate is expected to look into the House impeachment articles in January and, with the Republican majority in the Senate, the articles won’t pass the Senate. China has a “Comprehensive Strategic Relationship” with Russia.

Source: Global Times, November 19, 2019