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Huanqiu: Chinese Should Protest Less and Take More Action Fighting Japan

People’s Daily’s Huanqiu (Global Times) published an article discussing how China should respond to Japanese lawmakers visits to the Yasukuni Shrine [a shrine commemorating Japan’s war dead, some of whom fought against China]. Below is an excerpt from the article: 

“On the morning of August 15, again, three Japanese ministers visited the Yasukuni Shrine, in addition to 102 Japanese lawmakers’ collective visit to the ‘ghosts.’ 
“Japan has largely transformed the Yasukuni Shrine issue into a tool of diplomacy, using it as a balancing weight to counter China’s diplomatic power. “Facts have proven that, as long as Japan is determined to give China a hard time about the Yasukini shrine, it will be difficult for us to be the winner in this fight. 
“China should be more focused on what to do. We should pull the platform in the struggle against Japan from the shrine to where it is more favorable and convenient to us, so that we will be able to accomplish what we want at a lower cost and can do what the Japanese beg us not to do. 
“[For example,] the Chinese military can engage in exercises with live ammunition in the East China Sea on August 15, which is the day of Japan’s WWII surrender. This is a creative gesture. Of course, this is still not enough. We need a lot of innovative tools in order to make Japan uncomfortable. 
“Chinese authorities should commit more energy to developing new tools in the struggle against Japan and less on verbal protests.” 

Source: People’s Daily, August 16, 2013