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PLA Official: Military Logistics Must Serve the Objectives of a Strong Military Force

On October 1, 2013, Zhao Keshi, a member on the Central Military Commission of the Chinese Communist Party who serves as the head of General Logistics Department of the People’s Liberation Army (PLA), wrote an article that was published in Qiushi about Xi Jinping’s remarks on building up the PLA’s logistics. 

Zhao stated that Xi requires that, to build a strong military force, efforts must be made to build up the PLA’s logistics in order to 1) ensure winning in modern warfare; 2) support the modernization of China’s military forces, and 3) transform information technology (the three build-ups). 
Zhao stated that to do so, “logistics must be placed under the absolute leadership of the Communist Party and [the PLA] must resolutely follow and implement the orders of the Party’s command.” He recognized that “the logistics personnel have more direct and open interactions with society, tend to be well educated, and may easily be influenced by social thoughts.” Therefore, he called for enforced political education to “ensure that they follow directions in peacetime, carry out the orders of their commanders during wartime, and remain unswerving at critical moments with no questions asked.” 

Source: Qiushi, October 1, 2013